Facebook Whistleblowers LEAK DOCS Detailing Effort to Secretly Censor Vax Concerns on Global Scale

Facebook Whistleblowers Leak Documents Detailing Effort to Secretly Censor Vax Concerns on a Global Scale

Facebook Insiders LEAK documents detailing efforts to secretly censor COVID-19 vaccine injuries and scientific dissent on a Global Scale.
April 1, 2022

In a video by Project Veritas, individuals employed by Facebook, leaked documents showing Facebooks global campaign to censor COVID 19 vaccine concerns and injuries, through the creation and implementation of customized anti “vaccine hesitancy” algorithms. These algorithms essentially utilize machine learning, to monitor and scan every single post, comment and message on Facebook or any of it’s applications, searching for key terms related to COVID-19 vaccines, which are essentially compared against a library of “vaccine hesitancy terms”, which might indicate anyone is showing any studies pointing out the risks of COVID 19 vaccines, or reports of COVID 19 vaccine injuries.

“You’ll see a lot of this difference in their public policy versus the private policy, where the public policy is very vague. It’s very ambiguous. It’s designed to be questioned because it’s designed to be able to easily defend. But then if you look at the private policy, it’s much, much more clear, much more specific. I think that they’re trying to make it seem like they’re not doing as much or that they’re just kind of like generalizing it, lie, ‘oh well we just have some robot that just tags your post. And then, you know, we look at it,’ but I think they don’t want people to know, ‘Oh no, we actually have something that we made specifically for vaccine hesitancy'”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

If any key “vaccine hesitancy” terms are found, the AI essentially assigns that post or comment a “vaccine hesitancy” score which will dictate the degree of censorship against that post, how significantly it is demoted in search results, whether it shows up in certain peoples feeds, or even if it is to be removed from public view entirely.

“They’re trying to control this content before it even makes it onto your page, before you even see it.”

Facebook Whistleblower –Project Veritas

The major concern here, is that you are allowing a social media platform, and unqualified individuals, to control the narrative around public health. Not only is this extremely dangerous, especially in an organization as large and widely used as Facebook…but the fact that this level of censorship is going on and that it could spread to other social media platform, and has, is deeply concerning for free speech and the welfare of humanity.

Experiment Launch – Demoting Vaccine Hesitant Comments on Vaccine Posts – Integrity Ecosystems Changelog (E-Mail)

Experiment Launch – Demoting Vaccine Hesitant Comments on Vaccine Posts – Integrity Ecosystems Changelog

If you look at the “Vaccine Hesitancy Comment Demotion” document below it states the test size for the start of the new “vaccine hesitancy” algorithm is around 1.5% and involves the demotion of around -2.64K likes (-42.5%).

“I’d say that in a sense it’s prohibiting people from being able to have an open dialogue about issues that affect their personal security”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer

Essentially Facebook coordinates their efforts with the CDC and WHO, two organizations who have multiple conflicts of interest when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 and Vaccine Policy Updates & Protections – Facebook Public Policy

Architects of Facebook Censorship

Below are morally bankrupt individuals who have no qualms about squashing scientific debate to put “bread on the table”, even if it costs the lives of millions…they are the preforming the grunt-work of their elitist overlords. I don’t think one would be at fault for calling them fascists, complicit in medical tyranny and with plenty of blood on their hands. It’s important to point out these individuals, because otherwise their crimes against humanity are permitted to be hidden in obscurity. It states that the Authors of the Facebook “Vaccine Hesitancy” program are as follows:

  1. Joo Ho Yeo – According to a linkedIn page he is a “Senior Software Engineer” at Facbook
  2. Nick Gibian – Is or used to be a Senior Data Scientist
  3. Hendrick Townley
  4. Amit Bahl – Lead dev for the actual classifier algorithm
  5. Matt Gilles

All the above are senior level management for Facebook, just a few steps down from Mark Zuckerberg himself.

  • Amit Bahl
  • Works for Udi Weinsberg – Research Scientist Manager – Core Data Science Team
  • Who works for Nicolas Stier – Director – Core Data Science Team
  • Who works for Danny Ferrante – VP, Central Science, Strategy, and Resarch – Core Data Science Team
  • Who works for Javier Olivan – VP, Central Product Services – CPS MGmt Team
  • Who Reports Directly to Mark Zuckerberg

Vaccine Hesitancy Comment Demotion

Facebook Whistleblower Documents – Vaccine Hesitancy Comment Demotion Document

Tiering Summary

In the documents released it outlines what’s referred to as the Tiering Summary; a part of the VH score that ranks posts and comments based on whether it is classified as “Violations of Policies: Coordinating Harm”, “Alarmism & Criticism” or “Indirect Vaccine Discouragement”.

Facebook Whistleblowers Documents – Tiering Summary Highlight

“So Basically this is what they’re using to structure how, they’re going to judge this content on a scale to how vaccine hesitant it actually is, or if it’s explicitly discouraging”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

“Some of these things, the questions, the comments that are being presented, you know are from people that have concerns about their personal health or their personal security”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer
  1. Tier 0: Violations of Policies Coordinating Harm
    1. Vaccine Interference: Coordinating (statements of intent, calls to action, representing, supporting or advocacy) OR depicting, admitting to, or promoting interference with the administration of a vaccine, including an event, group, page, account, etc dedicated to this purpose.
  2. Tier 1: Alarmism and Criticism (Enforcement Principle: This content could present a barrier to vaccination in many contexts)
    1. Sensational or Alarmist Vaccine Content: Suggesting that vaccines are unsafe, ineffective, sacrilegious or irrelevant, in exaggerated, conspiratorial, or sensational terms.
    2. Criticizing Choice to Receive / Provide Vaccines: Disparaging others on the basis of their choice to vaccinate, or on their choice to vaccinate others.
  3. Tier 2: Indirect Vaccine Discouragement (Enforcement Principle: This content could present a barrier to vaccination in certain contexts, particularly in entities sharing high rates of it.)
    1. Promoting Vaccine Refusals & Alternatives: Implicitly discouraging vaccination by advocating for alternatives or celebrating those who refuse vaccination.
    2. Shocking Stories: Potentially or actually true events or facts that raise safety concerns, indicated by sharing personal anecdotes or news events of severe adverse events in hyperbolic terms or without context.

“So basically your comment is going to be suppressed. As to the scale of that suppression, it’s hard to say, we would have to look at it like a case by case basis. But what they’re saying is it’s going to get, they call it a position change – on some of these comments, you can see, it’ll say “position change: seven”. And I’m not sure whether the seven refers tolike a 7%, or if it’s just like seven positions down in the comment chains “

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

It Doesn’t Matter if It’s True if It Discourages Getting Vaccinated

Facebook Whistleblowers Documents – Barrier to Vaccinate B2V Tiering List FULL T1, T1 & T2

In the Tiering Summary above, if you look at “Tier 2: Indirect Vaccine Discouragement – Shocking Stories“. It states this includes “Potentially or actually true events or facts that raise safety concerns”. In other words even if you tell a true story of a COVID vaccine injury, or even real facts from legitimate studies that raise any safety concerns of the experimental COVID 19 vaccines…it’s considered “misinformation” and your comment or post will be suppressed by this new algorithm.

“How is this not scary? That would be considered indirect discouragement…questioning the vaccine, questioning anything involving the vaccine”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

I think that speaks for itself…when you can’t share facts or true stories against the narrative especially for medical treatments that are experimental with how hundreds of thousands of injuries, you have a serious problem…

“So this would be considered ‘vaccine hesitant’ because they don’t want people to see someone had a bad effect. They’re not s”aying, “Don’t get the vaccine”, but they’re saying, “Look at all this negative stuff that happened after I got the vaccine.”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

Facebook’s Human “Raters”

Facebook Whistleblowers Documents – Labeling Guidelines for “Human Raters”

“In my opinion, the main reason why they built this as was for the human what they call “raters” so that they can use this as a reference when they, so if the algorithm can’t make a decision on a certain post, it’ll send it to a human rater and then the human rater looks at it and they will make a decision on whether or not it’s vaccine hesitant or not.”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

How the Facebook Vaccine Hesitancy Algorithm Works

Facebook Whistleblowers Vaccine Hesitancy Tier T0 Violations of Policies Coordinating Harm and T1 Alarmism and Criticism
Facebook Whistleblowers Vaccine Hesitancy Tier T2 Indirect Discouragement

“So basically when they write this algorithm that goes through Facebook content, and it looks for certain keywords that are related to vaccination, or, you know, not getting a vaccine and stuff like that. And it gives it a score. And the VH score means vaccine hesitancy, which is defined as being hesitant to get a vaccine, but not just like, “Well, I don’t Know.” It’s even, “Well, I saw a study that said that someone died that got the vaccine.” That’s vaccine hesitancy.”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician
Facebook Whistleblower Documents – Vaccine Hesitancy VH Score Comment Example

Borderline Vaccine BV Framework | Barriers to Vaccination B2V Teams

Facebook Whistleblower Documents – Borderline Vaccine BV Framework FKA Barriers to Vaccination B2V Vaccine Hesitancy Content

“These are teams at Facebook and they call themselves, they work with what they call B2V Barriers to Vaccination. So that’s one of their core terms – is barriers to vaccination and then the people on these teams, they call them health Integrity Teams. So there’s a Health Integrity Team for Messenger, there’s a Health Integrity Team for every system that Facebook has.”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

Even VAERS Data Gets Censored

Facebook Whistleblowers Documents – Borderline Vaccine (BV) Framework

Also concerning is Facebooks attempts to censor official VAERS data, in posts or comments on the platform. Officially they state “VAERS data that suggests extreme risks without providing full context” but who is going to write an essay just to make a comment? It seems more likely “full context” is simply a scapegoat to censor any and all posts with VAERS data that doesn’t fit the narrative of “get vaccinated”.

“In the previous comments, like she said, “Oh, during this study 653 people died” and then they don’t put the rest of the study in there. It’s like, okay, so you want me to write like a 10-page comment? What’s full context? If they say a study from someone they didn’t like, would they say, “Well that’s not the full context because ABCDEFG” “

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

VH Classifier Score Threshold | COVID 19 Vaccine Hesitancy Algo

“Amit Bahl wrote the actual classifier itself. I don’t – I’m sure he had like a team of developers, but he is considered the one who wrote it”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician
Facebook Whistleblower Documents – VH Classifier Score Threshold for COVID 19 Vaccine Hesitancy Algo

Facebook uses classifiers in their algorithms to determine certain content, to be what they call “vaccine hesitant” and without the users Knowledge, they assign a score to these comments that’s called the “VH Score”, the “Vaccine Hesitancy Score” and then based on that score will demote or leave the comment alone depending on the content within the comment

Facebook Whistleblower – Data Center Technician

In simple terms, all messages, posts and comments on Facebook are scanned word by word, they are compared against a database of words they classify as vaccine hesitancy words. If one or more of the words in a post or comment turn up as “vaccine hesitancy” then it is given a Vaccine Hesitancy Score (VHS) and the level of censorship of that comment is based on that VHS score.

Facebook Vaccine Hesitancy Policy – Action Mapping

Facebook Whistleblower Vaccine Hesitancy Policy – Action Mapping

Facebook Weekly Progress Trackers

Facebook Whistleblowers Weekly Progress Report C Inform – Planned Launches – Facebook + Instagram FB+IG (FB Mocks)

The Facebook whistleblower believes this algo is already actively being used by facebook and that this “Experiment” is part of an early launch that will see it slowly rolled out across Facebook and their nearly billions of users.

“They actually lay all this out in a chart and you can see it, you can look at the slides they go by date. So we’ve got here COVID-19 Vaccine Safety and Efficacy “Global,” “Currently Global” 13 languages…And the very first thing that brought me to the conclusion that they’re wanting to do this globally is they were developing it in like, you know, as many languages as they can get their hands on.”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician
Facebook Whistleblowers Weekly Progress Report C Inform – Planned Launches – Highlight – C19 Vax Safety & Efficacy Global

Facebook Press Release “Supporting Vaccination Efforts on Our Apps”

Facebook has not been shy about their efforts to squash scientific dissent which they call “vaccine hesitancy”. In May of 2021 Facebook did a press release titled “Supporting Vaccination Efforts on Our Apps” where they outlined various methods of censoring vaccine hesitancy, as well as funding and development of several tools, and how many people have utilized those tools towards potentially receiving an experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

“We continue to support the US government’s sprint to get more Americans vaccinated for COVID-19”

Supporting Vaccination Efforts on Our Apps
Facebook Press Release – Supporting Vaccination Efforts on Our Apps

From partnerships with hospitals to tens of millions in funding…it’s clear Facebook’s bottomless wallet has helped in it’s global mission to kill free speech and scientific dissent. One wonders how we could possibly compete against behemoth that is Facebook…Here is a synopsis of the Facebook article:

  • Supporting Vaccination Efforts on our Apps – Helping people find when and where they can get vaccinated:
    • “In the US, we’re working with Boston Children’s Hospital to help people book vaccine appointments in just a few taps by connecting them with local vaccination sites. Over 3.3 million people have visited the vaccine finder tool since its launch on March 11, using it to get appointment information from a provider’s website, get directions to a provider or call a provider.”
    • “In addition, we’re showing people reliable information about whether and when they’re eligible to get vaccinated through News Feed promotions and our COVID-19 Information Center. Showing people this information in News Feed is having a positive impact on vaccine registrations”
  • Connecting people to reliable information about COVID-19 vaccines: Since January, we’ve given more than $30 million in ad credits to help governments, NGOs and other organizations reach people with COVID-19 vaccine information and other important messages. These information campaigns resulted in an estimated 10 billion ad impressions globally. We’re also adding authoritative information to posts about vaccines on Facebook and Instagram that link to the COVID-19 Information Center for more resources.”
  • Encouraging people to share their support for vaccines: We know from public health research that people are more likely to get vaccinated if they see others in their community doing so. In countries where vaccines are available to most of the population, like the US and the UK, we ramped up our efforts to show people when their friends and neighbors share their support for vaccines through profile frames and stickers. More than 5 million people globally have used these profile frames. And more than 50% of people in the US on Facebook have already seen someone use the COVID-19 vaccine profile frames, which we developed in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
  • Addressing content that could discourage people from getting vaccinated: An important part of our work to increase vaccinations is to address content that violates our rules on COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation. Over the course of the pandemic, we have removed more than 16 million pieces of this content from our apps for breaking our rules on COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation. For certain content that does not break these rules, but could still discourage someone from getting vaccinated, we reduce its distribution on Facebook and remove it from recommendations on Facebook and Instagram.”
  • Real-Time Insights on Vaccine Acceptance and Drivers of Vaccine Hesitancy – Since April 2020, we’ve been collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University and University of Maryland on a global survey to gather insights about COVID-19 symptoms, testing, vaccination rates and more. This is the largest survey of its kind, with over 60 million total responses, and more than 170,000 responses daily across more than 200 countries and territories. This effort generates localized insights for researchers, public health officials and policymakers”

They conclude by stating their goal is to target “the remaining populations” who have “lower vaccine acceptance”:

“While we’re encouraged by the positive trends in surveys about vaccine acceptance and the work that we and our partners have done so far, the data also demonstrates the need to continue efforts to reach the remaining populations with lower vaccine acceptance. For more information about our global efforts, see how we’re reaching billions of people with COVID-19 vaccine information.”

Facebook Press Release – Supporting Vaccination Efforts on Our Apps

Facebook Profile Frames and Stickers

If you understand a bit about evolutionary psychology, then you know that by and large humans have a tribal and herd mentality…If you look on the press release in the section “Encouraging people to share their support for vaccines” it seems an effective part of the vaccine censorship campaign has been the creation of special Facebook profile frames and stickers:

“Specifically encouraging people to post you know, to take on the profile frame for showing that they’ve been vaccinated and to promote in a sense, solidarity amongst other people that have taken the vaccine and encourage users to also go and get the vaccine. it’s interesting that they would, you know, encourage one side, but not allow the other side to speak of you know, why they wouldn’t be making the decision to get a vaccine. There’s no solidarity, there’s no opportunity to be united around that. It’s just basically: Get the vaccine or feel left out”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer

Facebook Employees Can Discuss Vaccine Hesitancy Openly in the Office, but it gets Censored Online?

According to Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer on Project Veritas, they are allowed to discuss medical decisions openly in the office, but they aren’t allowed to go on facebook and discuss the very same things:

“We’re able to have these conversations at work with our coworkers about our medical decisions. And we do. We have them, you know, frequently. Why is it okay for us to have these conversations at work as adults and not have somebody step in and say, “Hey, you need to stop talking about that and you shouldn’t talk about that. You’re not allowed to talk about – that’s ‘fact-checked’. That’s false”…were allowed to have an open dialogue “

Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer

It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do” mantra…the elites see you me and the average joe as minions that should do as they are told and live to serve them as slaves…many of them consider you and me disposable wastes of breath.

“They want to build a community where everybody complies, not where people can have open discourse and dialogue about the most personal and private and intimate decisions that anybody could ever face in their life, which is regarding their own body, their own health…For the promotion of a society that is focused on medical progress in a sense or medical, you know, medical experimentation.”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO Leaked Video on COVID 19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Zuckerberg: ‘I share some caution on this, because we just don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA, RNA.’

Ironically under Facebook’s new anti vaccine hesitancy policy, Zuckerburg’s comments just a few months earlier, would now be suppressed…

WhatsApp and CDC Partner to Create Spanish Vaccine Finder on WhatsApp

Today the CDC launched a Spanish-language vaccine finder on WhatsApp, making it easy to find a location to get the shot, order a free ride and get information. Read more the WhatsApp Blog.

Facebook Implements Pro-vaccine Virtual Stickers

“On Instagram, we also introduced stickers for people to share that they got vaccinated or share their support for vaccines. Since April, these have been used more than 7 million times, and more than 25% of accounts on Instagram in the US have seen someone use a COVID-19 vaccine sticker.”

Facebook Press Release – Supporting Vaccination Efforts on Our Apps

WOKE Guru is banned across social media

If you haven’t tried to spread scientific dissent across social media throughout the pandemic, pointing out the dangers of these experimental COVID vaccines, you may not realize just how deep into fascist control and censorship the vast majority of social media platforms has gone…for example I have been shadow-banned site-wide from reddit, my twitter account has been suspended, and I was fact checked several times on facebook before deleting my account.

“I think people accept it and they see people like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and stuff like that, they see that this is accepted by the public and then they go, that’s like a green light to be like, “Oh, well we can go ahead and do this more.” So not only are we going to start doing vaccines stuff, we’re going to spread it to everything. So we’re going to start saying, “Oh if you make a post thah could put somebody in danger or it could compromise someone safety, whatever that means, “then we’re going to go ahead and look at that and assign that a score of some unknown classifier”. Who knows what it could be. They’re trying to control this content before it even makes it onto your page before you even see it. And when you’re scrolling on your phone. I think they’re afraid of what people would conclude “

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

I can’t post videos on YouTube, i’ve seen dozens of videos deleted off facebook and youtube, i’ve seen vaccine injuries mass deleted off tik tok, many doctors I follow have had their twitter accounts suspended…it really is an impenetrable wall of censorship across nearly all of social media. You might not care if the government’s boot is on your neck, but you should consider the world that this will create for your children, many of which who will not grow up in a country where they can’t enjoy the basic freedoms you were privileged enough to grow up with.

Source Video from Project Veritas

Please make sure you visit the source video from Project Veritas to like and share it so it gets more exposure.


It’s clear that Facebook is on a global campaign to implement systems on Facebook that prevent scientific dissent, or as they call it “vaccine hesitancy” from even reaching the eyes of the billions of Facebook users.

“No, because it doesn’t match the narrative. So, and the narrative being: Get the vaccine, the vaccine is good for you. Everyone should get it. And if you don’t, you will be singled out as an enemy of society”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

It truly is a David Vs Goliath scenario when you put industries like Facebook against small news sites like WOKE Guru…How do you compete against mainstream media that receives hundreds of millions in Government funding, and sites with the overwhelming influence across social media like Facebook and twitter…the task seems daunting to say the least.

“The Policy is going to keep expanding until anything can violate it. What would happen if this was scaled larger and scaled to Twitter and the Internet as a whole is way worse…It’s about really everyone in the world”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

In the concluding statements of Facebooks Press Release they stated “the data also demonstrates the need to continue efforts to reach the remaining populations with lower vaccine acceptance” and to that I ask: If COVID-19 is so dangerous (99.85% survival rate) and if the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are so effective (don’t prevent infection or spread), then why does it take hundreds of millions in advertising dollars, and a 3 year global social media and mainstream media campaign, and government mandates, to coerce (oops I mean encourage) people to get the jab? Something doesn’t add up here…

“It’s shocking and disturbing really to see people that are willing to go to the lengths of limiting those discussions around the world, you know, for things that, that concern people’s own personal security”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Facility Engineer

I wish more people would delete their Facebook account, just like I have…and boycott that entire social media platform. I think some people believe they can still have an impact by sharing scientific dissent and vaccine injuries on FB. However it’s clear that with implementation of more systems to curb “vaccine hesitancy” on Facebook, that is simply no longer true…sure a few people might still see your posts, but by and large these “Vaccine hesitancy” algorithms will suppress your posts and comments from ever being exposed to the masses. Your efforts would be much better served on a social media platform that still promotes free speech such as Gab. If you do delete your Facebook account, please leave a comment letting us know.

“You’re not alone. The biggest thing with social media, that we’ve seen throughout the years is that ranking people’s comments, their posts, even, even like news media, there’s this view that tries to make you think that you’re alone in this and that you’re not the majority. And even people that say that they agree with it internally, they deal with struggles. Internally, they question things. It’s just that they’re not able to overcome that, cognitive dissonance that sits in and they resort to what is safe. it’s easier to comply with things than it is to come forward and say, “this is wrong.” Or to really awaken to understanding that the way you’re being treated or the way other people are being treated is wrong” And so that’s challenging, but know that you’re not alone.

Facebook Insider – Data center Facility Engineer

Also just to point out…every time you use Facebook your advertising revenue pays their campaign against free speech…In other words by using Facebook, you are promoting censorship, and are complicit in the deaths of millions by these deadly experimental vaccines.

“Can you live with yourself for the rest of your life if you work at Facebook and you knew about this? Especially if it came out later and you’re like, “Man, I saw that so many times. I could have said something and, I didn’t. How are you going to feel about that? That’s my thing. My morality”

Facebook Insider – Data Center Technician

I agree…

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