Everybody knows Mainstream Media (MSM) has done nothing but publish lies and propaganda, and censor scientific dissent for over 2 years of this COVID-19 pandemic at the cost of tens of thousands of lives…

The problem is MSM gets hundreds of millions in government and big pharma funding and so people are used to getting news and articles for free, they expect small independent journalists to work for free. So you see websites like dailyexpose and infowars which despite their massive following, resort to either begging for donations or selling merch to “make ends meat”.

Journalism is great…it spreads the truth, draws attention to important matters and reveals corruption. Personally I love doing investigative medical journalism, because in these times of MSM propaganda, it helps save lives with the truth; specifically being independent gives you the luxury of tackling subjects MSM would not allow. If I was to make a list of what professions greatly benefit the world, I would put scientists first and independent journalists second because without quality journalism exposing corruption, the world would be a far far worse place…

As much as i’de like to continue preforming medical journalism and writing articles for free, unfortunately money puts a roof over your head and food on your table. It takes a massive amount of my time (each article takes days to months of work) while I have other responsibilities and obligations that earn me income…

I hate ads, and would never put advertisements on the website. I also don’t like selling cheap merchandise. And I prefer to promote small business, so amazon affiliate links are also not an option…therefore my only option left to monetize this blog are donations and quite frankly I hate begging for donations.

There’s also being banned from all social media…I’m shadow-banned site wide on reddit, suspended indefinitely on twitter, fact checked enough that I deleted my account on facebook, and can’t upload videos to youtube because they’ll be deleted…so I also don’t have the ability to advertise on social media or monetize a youtube channel…It’s just an uphill battle..

That being said if this blog doesn’t start generating donations, and keeps digging a hole in my pocket…despite my nearly 2 years of time investment, and love for it’s benefit to society, it will have to be taken down…and I guess people can keep getting their propaganda news for free, from MSM. It’s unfortunate, but “it is what it is”…

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