costco plants to ban vaccinated from stores in Canada Jan 24 2022 | Costco vaccine passport

Costco in Canada to begin barring unvaccinated members from shopping at Costco

Costco plans to ban unvaccinated members in Canada from shopping at Costco, effective Jan 24 2022, barring push back from members.
January 15, 2022

Costco’s in Canada plan to ban unvaccinated from shopping. As of Jan 24 Costco’s in Quebec and Ontario are going to be turning away unvaccinated members from Costco. It is likely if this is not stopped dead in it’s tracks, then it will eventually rollout in New Brunswick, Alberta, and the other provinces in Canada, as time progresses. The decision by Costco to ban unvaccinated will be based on push back from members (more at the bottom).

Costco’s Toll Free Line – Pre-Recording – Quebec Ban of Unvaccinated from Stores

Costco upper management has no problem refusing food and pharmaceutical goods to Canadian citizens, based on their medical status, and consent to being injected with an experimental gene-based medical drug, which multiple studies have proven, vaccines don’t prevent spread of COVID 19.

All this for the COVID-19 virus, which has a 99.85% survival rate for those under 40 (some studies say 50) without preexisting health conditions, and an even lower risk of severe infection in children.

Let’s re-iterate the facts…

  1. COVID Vaccines don’t prevent infection or spread of COVID-19
  2. COVID-19 has a 99.85% survival rate for those under 40 (without preexisting health conditions such as diabetes or cancer).
  3. COVID has an even lower risk of severe infection in children and young adults
  4. COVID 19 Vaccines have surpassed 1 million logged injuries on VAERS (as of Jan 14 2021)
  5. It is estimated that only 1%-4% of Vaccine injuries are successfully submitted to VAERS, with some studies stating vaccine injuries on VAERS are under-reported by a factor of 20, and estimates logging the truth deaths from COVID vaccines at nearly 500,000

And yet Costco believes Canadian (and possibly American) citizens don’t have the right to buy food or medicine? Because I can assure you, if Costco is going to roll out this policy ban the unvaccinated in Canada, it’s only a matter of time before it is implemented in the US as well.

If this doesn’t absolutely appall you, and make your blood boil, then perhaps you really have no interest living in a democracy, with the rights and freedoms it is inherently designed to uphold, for all.

Canadian Bill of Rights | Costco to Ban Unvaccinated

Canadians have this crazy idea; much like in America, that they have inalienable democratic rights, laid out in this document called the “Bill of Rights” (like the US Constitution) on which the great country was founded…it’s referred to as the Bill of Rights.

So Costco thinks they have the right to ban unvaccinated Canadians from buying essential food, based disclosing medical history and submitting to an receive an experimental drug?

Stripping Canadian citizens of their right to purchase food in a store, based on their medical history, is about as “un-Canadian” as you can get,…and to be quite frank if that is Costco’s tune, then they have no business on Canadian soil.

Here’s an excerpt from the “Bill of Rights”

“(a) the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law”


Some of you may be saying to yourself “well yes I do enjoy the government segregating Canadians and preventing the unvaccinated from eating, so that they die of starvation, that’s what they deserve!” well…there are two kinds of people in this world A) those that believe in the rights and freedoms of all and B) those who don’t…you may have been born in Canada, but you clearly don’t uphold or maintain Canadian values, which are what makes it one of the worlds greatest democracies (next to the USA of course)…a place where people can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

How do I get involved?

Costco is deciding if they will go ahead with barring unvaccinated Canadians from essential food and medicine, based on the push back from members. They will have to reimburse Canadians membership costs, if they are going to refuse them entry.

You can file a complaint with Costco, by calling their toll free number:

Dial: 1-800-463-3783

Follow the prompts for membership. And tell Costco whether you are for, or against segregation of Canadians, and whether you support barring the unvaccinated from essential food and medicine, based on their medical history.

Make sure to share this article and news with every Canadian you know, and uphold the bill of rights so that your children, and children’s children, can grow up in the country it’s forefathers fought for!


  1. Caroline -

    This is ludicrous and I will give up my membership! I will not be a part of this!

  2. -

    Filing a complain.. on , your vaccinated status

  3. Manny -

    Filing .. a law suite against Costco canada
    Against, unvaccinated.. privileges

    1. WOKE Guru -

      Actually if you call Costco’s toll free number at the bottom of the article a pre-recording clearly states a ban on unvaccinated will take place in Quebec. However sources say the plan was to rollout the ban in Ontario as well barring feed back from members.

      I have added a pre-recording from Costco’s Toll free line to the beginning of the article. You can also listen to the pre-recording here

  4. Paul Friedl -

    Costco also needs to know that the CDC’s new V-safe reporting system received 119Million reports of adverse events from the vaccine. The ICAN network has filed a suit against the CDC requesting that their FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request be fulfilled. Oracle has access to a de-identified database of these 119Million reports and the ICAN network (The HighWire) wants to review those reports.

  5. John Hadgipetros -

    Where do you get the info that Costco is banning unvaccinated on January 24?

    1. WOKE Guru -

      If you call Costco’s toll-free number at the bottom of the article, a pre-recording will state the ban on unvaccinated is being implemented in Quebec. However sources say the plan was to also rollout the ban in Ontario.

  6. Larry -

    With the statements about the unvaccinated from our Prime Minister and the draconian rules
    about to be implemented in Quebec. ( and probably in the rest of Canada soon) and if you replaced the word unvaccinated with the word Jew you will see a horrifyingly similarity.

  7. Jac -

    I call Ottawa Merivale Costco store and spoke with manager and he said Costco is not asking vaccinated status, just the wearing of face mask or face shield for the protection of staff and consumers. Not the same information given by 1-800-463-3783. Register complaints and discrimination concerns.

    1. WOKE Guru -

      If you call the Costco toll-free number at the bottom of the article, the pre-recording states that currently the ban on unvaccinated is only being applied to Quebec. However sources state there were plans to also eventually rollout the ban in Ontario, in order to comply with public health measures, barring push back from Costco Members. Ottawa was not yet on the list of provinces slated for the ban.

  8. Mario -

    If this is the case Bye Bye COSTCO never again.

  9. Alberdina Klynstra -

    If I’m going to be banned from shopping I’d like to get my membership money back Dina

  10. Mary -

    SHAME ON COSTCO!!!!! Everyone can get and spread Covid. How is this helping? It only is creating hate. SHAME ON COSTCO.

  11. Shawn -

    Top 5 investors of The Vanguard Group which owns Costco are:
    Apple – 179B
    Microsoft – 173B
    Amazon – 109B
    Facebook – 62B
    Google – 61B

  12. Scott -

    Are they completely out of their mind!!!!! I will so be cancelling my membership if they don’t back down from this

  13. Tom -

    I called Costco to lodge a complaint as soon as I read the article and they confirmed this is happening in Quebec.
    I told them I will be canceling my membership if it goes ahead.
    A good time to return any items you no longer want.

  14. David Ottele -

    This is absolutely ludicrous. We will demand refund on our membership. We will not submit or comply.

  15. yan loyer -

    good. keep covidiots and deniers out

    1. WOKE Guru -

      Refined language from a refined individual…

  16. Fred Jones -

    FAKE NEWS I work for Costco in Quebec

    1. WOKE Guru -

      Did you not see the audio clip recorded from Costco’s toll free line at the beginning of the article? If you actually call Costco’s toll free line on the pre recording it states the mandate is being implemented in Quebec…

  17. don -

    I was just watching a video from Laura Lynn tv and one of the nurses said New Brunswick Costco was going to ban members who refuse getting jabbed I feel it’s time to stop shopping close these stores down put them out of business THE UK ENDS MANDATES! IS THIS ALSO THE END OF RESTRICTIONS IN CANAD

    1. WOKE Guru -

      I wasn’t able to view your link. However here is Global News showing the speech by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson talking about the end of most covid mandates and restrictions. if that’s not what you were going for you can comment with the correct link.

  18. Paul For Freedom -

    If this comes to BC I we will be cancelling our membership with Costco also – been members from day one here in the Vancouver region

    1. WOKE Guru -

      Agreed. Keep an eye on developments and voice your concerns early!

  19. T -

    Just so everyone is clear, in Quebec it’s not only Costco but every store that has over 1500 m sq floor space. That includes Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Rona. This is a provincial mandate and has nothing to do with a decision made by any of these stores. And as of this date, no other province has enacted anything similar. So, if you complain, do it with all of those companies. This will only change if the big box stores SAY NO! and if they get enough push back, it may happen.

  20. M -

    Ludicrous. I will cancel my membership.

  21. Erika Crema -

    This is the most discriminating decision there is in a democracy!!!!

    Why doesn’t Costco also ban alcoholics, smokers, people who are obese, etc???

    Outrageous!!!! I will cut up my Costco card in this case

  22. Val -

    That this is even being considered or that it’s happening is unbelievable. This is discriminatory and unCanadian! I will cancel my membership if this happens.

  23. brenda goodwin -

    I agree with all comments that this idea of mandating vaccination to shop in a Costco warehouse is ludicrous, unscientific and totally not within our charter of rights.
    My husband and I would immediately cancel our membership if you decide to mandate this in Ontario.
    We are not alone and any respect we have ever had for Costco would dissolve completely and immediately. Don’t do it if you value your integrity.
    Brenda and Jim Goodwin

  24. Joey -


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