Australian aboriginal communities military police vaccination campaign

Australian Aboriginal COVID Vaccine Campaign

Australia NT chief Gunner utilizes military and police as part of a COVID vaccine task group, aimed to isolate and vaccinate aboriginals.
November 26, 2021

The Australian aboriginals have put out several videos asking for international help for a sort of ethnic cleaning of Aboriginal people, which is occurring at the hands of NT chief minister Michael Gunner, under the guise of public health. As part of the Australian aboriginal COVID Vaccine campaign, members of the aboriginal community who test positive for COVID or who have interacted with a COVID-19 infected individuals (discovered through contact tracing), are being picked up by authorities and relocated to “quarantine facilities”. Indigenous community members are being pressured and intimidated by a show of force from the Australian government in it’s dispatch of military and police, as part of a specialized task force to raise vaccination rates in remote indigenous communities where they have “pockets of vaccine hesitancy”; lowering the overall vaccination rates of the North Territories of Australia.

The below video has been banned from social media platforms.

Australia Aboriginal People Covid Ethnic Cleansing Plead For Help From International Community-compressed

As soon as the first COVID infection was confirmed in Robinson River, an ADF “rapid assessment team” was flown more than 1,000 kilometres south-east of Darwin to test, vaccinate and ‘transfer positive cases’ out of the community to the nearby Howard Springs Quarantine Facility.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner and Mainstream Media dismisses allegations of coerced vaccination of aboriginals

The fascist north territory Chief Minister, Michael Gunner denounced all reports of aboriginal abuse and force vaccination as ‘misinformation’ from “tinfoil hat wearing tossers” ironically in his testimony he did mention the use of quarantine facilities, but assured his audience there was nothing to worry about.

nt news covid positive aboriginal health worker slams online crazies article
NT news covid positive aboriginal health worker slams online crazies article

“If anybody thinks we are going to be distracted or intimidated by tin-foil hat wearing tossers sitting in their parents basements … then you do not know us Territorians.”

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Door to door Australian aboriginal vaccine campaign in aboriginal communities

In official mainstream media articles, they denied forced vaccinations and stated “ADF has not been empowered or authorized to conduct any law enforcement activities.”

However they have verified the lockdown of aboriginal communities, and the help of military with door to door door vaccination teams and in setting up police blockade checkpoints (more information below).

Image of members of the ADF-led rapid response team, alongside health staff that are administering door-to-door vaccinations for aboriginal residents.

“there had been no complaints from people in the locked down Aboriginal communities of Binjari and Rockhole, about 330km south of Darwin.”

Colonel Rutherford in press briefing

Photos of Gov’t vaccination program in aboriginal communities

australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign door to door vaccinations and ad-hoc vaccination vans
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign door to door vaccinations and ad-hoc vaccination vans
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign door to door vaccinations
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign door to door vaccinations
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign door to door vaccinations and pop up vaccination vehicles official news article excerpt
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign door to door vaccinations and pop up vaccination vehicles official news article excerpt
Australian aboriginal communities military police vaccination campaign
Australian aboriginal communities military police vaccination campaign
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign police checkstops
australian authorities aboriginal vaccination campaign police checkstops
australian authorities ADF aboriginal vaccination campaign covid testing
australian authorities ADF aboriginal vaccination campaign covid testing

Police checkpoints surrounding aboriginal communities

Police set up checkpoints outside of aboriginal communities as part of a hard lockdown which Gunner has stated will last for several weeks.

Under Section 477 of the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act 2015, all people are currently prevented by police from entering Binjari and surrounding regions in the NT.

“They’re also helping police at vehicle checkpoints.”

Defence Force denies claims of mistreating rural Indigenous population
on-the-ground photos of police checkstops preventing entry into and out of Binjari aboriginal community

Aboriginal resident escapes, contact tracers hunt her down

A ‘COVID positive woman’ broke lockdown rules to leave. Contact tracers spent the evening and day searching for a woman and her friends, who left the area and called a taxi to head to a community north of the lockdown. They were soon apprehended at a public housing block in Katherine. Afterwards, they were taken to the ‘Centre for National Resilience’.

On the ground Journalist interviews Australia NT aboriginal communities

Journalists on the ground have interviewed dozens of aboriginals who are members of these various ‘remote’ communities, to get answers on what’s really happening. They have confirmed that aboriginals communities have been pressured and coerced to voluntarily agree to these experimental COVID vaccines as part of an Australian aboriginal COVID vaccine campaign.

Members of the community however did not report military personnel holding down and/or force vaccinating individuals, it seems more about fear based coercion. Even if they are not being force vaccinated, a show of military force and intimidation is a form of coercion none the less; which community members have confirmed is taking place.

Within 24hrs 29 people have been vaccinated in Rockhole, with 27 of those receiving their first injection in communities that previously had very low COVID vaccination rates.

Aboriginal Journalist boots on the ground in-person interviews of aboriginal community members

Government and Authorities Press Release Nov 20 2021

In this press release Michael gunner and authorities confirmed the following about his Australian Aboriginal COVID Vaccine Campaign:

  1. Using wastewater sampling as a form of COVID testing, which was the evidence used to facilitate lockdown of those communities. Time stamp 1:02-1:11, 3:30-3:40, 8:45-8:50
  2. This “hard lockdown” complete with police checkpoints will continue for several weeks Timestamp 6:00-6:07
  3. Easing of lockdown will segregate the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated; unvaccinated wil not be able to participate in community or work Timestamp 6:11-6:34
  4. Communities of Benjari and Rockhol have been completely locked down, meaning residence of these communities can not leave their homes except for medical treatment, emergency or when required by law. Timestamp 1:40-1:58
    1. Expanded rapid assessment team deployed Timestamp 2:00-2:08 for alleged humanitarian purposes.
    2. Aboriginals have allegedly not made formal requests to not be relocated to quarantine camps Timestamp 16:53-18:16
  5. Close contact could be determined to be the entire communities Timestamp 16:40-16:56 Essentially that means 1 covid infection in the community = lockdown and possibly relocation to quarantine camps of entire aboriginal community
  6. Requesting army trucks and military personnel to transport 38 people from the Catherine area up to howard springs. Timestamp 2:42-2:50 and 5 additional close contacts Timestamp Timestamp 4:54-5:05
    1. Military presence, set-up of ad-hoc police base of operations, use of community loudspeaker, significant police patrols throughout communities Timestamp 10:07-10:35, 11:40-12:10
    2. Confirmation of police assistance in relocating residents Timestamp 12:12-12:19
  7. 29 new vaccinations in these two communities in a single day Timestamp 3:17-3:25

Gunner also outlined much about his Australian aboriginal COVID vaccine campaign, in the public release of his government’s updated public health plan for managing remote and vulnerable communities. He also stated anyone who protests vaccine mandates or strict lockdowns is anti-vax; even if they are vaxed (see below).

Even if you are vaccinated, if you oppose lockdowns and mandates according to Michael gunner, you are anti-vax

“If you are anti-mandate, you are absolutely anti-vax. I don’t care what your personal vaccination status is. If you support, champion, give a green light, give comfort to, or support anybody who argues against the vaccine – you are an anti-vaxxer. Absolutely.

NT Chief Michael Gunner
NT chief gunner says anyone that opposes lockdowns or mandates, even if they are vaccinated then they are anti vax

Government propaganda and the military “communication” campaign

Authorities including the military have however utilized carefully planned wording to make what is essentially coerced medical experimentation on the aboriginal communities of Australia, to sound like a peaceful public health operation…in order to downplay the significance of their crimes against the aboriginal communities. What the NT government is doing can go by no other name than crimes against humanity, and is punishable under a War tribunal or in the forth coming Nuremberg trials.

Man speaks about government and military campaign against the Aboriginal people of Australia and the media campaign to downplay the governments crimes
Australia police door to door vaccinations and coercion of Indigenous Australians to receive experimental COVID vaccine jab

Australian Journalists outcry against the Australian NT Governments coercion to vaccinate aboriginals

Australia Aboriginals Tyranny are hunted by military and coerced to consent to experimental covid 19 gene based treatment outcry by journalists

Additional Media: Video, Audio and Reports

Community member calls Australian government to report coerced vaccination of aboriginal community members

Call to Vicki O’Halloran AO administrator of North Territories

“are you happy with the army forcible removing people from their homes?”

Call to Vicki O’Halloran AO administrator of North Terrories

Elder tackled and arrested by police during protest

Australian police tackle and arrest aboriginal elder during protest

“he’s using the military and police, policy enforcers who are under oath as constables that are taking directives from government to commit war crimes against Australian civilians”

Call to Vicki O’Halloran AO administrator of North Terrories
Australian police tackle and arrest aboriginal elder during protest Part 2

Elder cries on phone ‘my entire aboriginal community was force vaccinated’

Australian Aboriginal says his entire indigenous community was force vaccinated against their will

Three people “escape” from the Howard Springs quarantine facility in NT, Australia

Three people have “escaped” from the Howard Springs quarantine facility in NT, Australia. Police set up major check points, inspect registrations, and search through people’s vehicles as if the escapees are dangerous, wanted criminals on the loose. More than 100 cars were caught up in the traffic jam caused by the manhunt.

The teens aged e5, 16 and 17 years old were all “close contacts” of the remote community Benjari; they were apprehended on the outskirts of Palmerston.

All three teens tested negative for COVID-19 and are now in police custody after scaling a fence and fleeing the area in the early hours on Wednesday morning.

According to Chief Minister Micheal Gunner, the teens may be forced to undergo double the quarantine time; and Mr. Chalker stated additional CCTV cameras would be installed at the facility to prevent quarantined citizens from escaping.

“Rules are rules and there are consequences,”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner

The way the the Australian Gov’t handled this quarantine; with it’s global manhunt, would make you think a few maximum security inmates had killed guards and escaped from prison. But instead the whole incident was because few Australian teens who were relocated by police and military to Howard Springs, because the sewage form their community, tested positive for COVID-19 infection. I think it’s safe to say Australia is no longer a free country; and if Chief Minister Michael Gunner has his way, the entire Australian population would be force vaccinated by the military, with an experimental medical treatment, against their will.

Below are some videos by TikToker Jeremy longdon. Don’t be surprised if these videos are deleted; frankly if you want to share them you should probably download them. I can’t see any difference between Australia’s quarantine facilities, and a regular prison cell…except that you’re allowed to go outside more then a few hours per day (presumably.)


Last video got deleted as it breached the security of the police officers.. #quarantine #howardsprings #australia #alwayswatching

♬ original sound – jeremylongdon

Aboriginal community health organizations battle vaccine hesitancy

“Pockets of resistance” is a term you hear in war, but not far from it “pockets of vaccine hesitancy” is what aboriginal health communities are working to combat as part of the Australian aboriginal COVID vaccine campaign; pushing for 90%-95% vaccination rates for indigenous aboriginal communities.

In an article by theguardian the outline how the speed of Australia’s northern territory vaccine rollout “seems be plateauing more quickly than in other states, largely due to much slower rates of uptake in some remote Indigenous communities.”

“In the Big Rivers and East Arnhem regions, 41% have had a first dose and 34% are fully vaccinated.”

article by theguardian

So it makes sense that Michael Gunner would make the aboriginal communities, his target for a COVID vaccine campaign; to drive up those vaccination rates. Some authorities even called for a 90%-95% vaccine threshold for remote communities

“NT chief minister Michael Gunner has previously flagged the need for higher coverage than other states, citing vulnerabilities in remote communities and the comparatively young average population…In some remote parts of the NT, the average age of community members is in the early 20s. That means a larger percentage of the population – those too young to receive a vaccine – is excluded from vaccine uptake figures.”

article by theguardian

Considering several studies show that the infection survival rate for those under 20, without co-morbidities is 99.9973% (less than a 0.003% chance of death) the comments made by Gunner are either delusional in their creation or genocidal in their intent (more info below); if these aboriginal communities have an average demographic under 20 years of age, there is absolutely no reason to receive this vaccine, let alone to mandate it and use the military or police to enforce it. How is this about health?

What is my chance of dieing from COVID-19 Infection

I’ll leave you with this new COVID study re-affirming the stats for COVID-19 mortality (infection survival rate), which we have known all along…The chance of survival for COVID infection for those under 50 (without pre-existing health conditions) is 99.92% (0.08% change of fatality from COVID infection), so on what scientific grounds are any of these mandates, or lockdowns justified in any way? Short answer they are not.

chance of dieing from COVID-19 infection- risk of dieing from covid infographic tweet - covid mortality - infection fatality rate
chance of dieing from COVID-19 infection- risk of dieing from covid infographic tweet

Canadian COVID death rates by age as of Aug 27, 2021

Although this article is talking about Australia, these statistics are relevant regardless in assessing covid-19 infection mortality.

Age# COVID deaths
Canadian COVID death rates by age as of Aug 27, 2021


So according to the governments own testimony have sent tactical teams, health and military personnel to lockdown these aboriginal communities based on sewage samples testing positive for covid. Recently 38+5 aboriginals have been carted off to quarantine camps, which they expect to increase. Vaccination rates in these communities suddenly have begun to increase, after the military and police presence.

They have stated aboriginal communities are under what’s classified as “hard lockdowns”, utilizing police patrols and checkpoints, and will likely continue for several weeks; and that all members of a community could be considered “close contact”, which essentially means the entire remote aboriginal community could be locked down and relocated on the premise of a single COVID-19 infection within the community.

If aboriginals want to get vaccinated, they can go to a city and receive the jab; they don’t need military personnel to come to their communities, set up police checkpoints and coerce them to receive the vaccine…Even if aboriginal community members aren’t being held down and force vaccinated, there is a clear show of force, intimidation by military and various forms of coercion being utilized, to get the Australian aboriginal communities to consent to participate in phase 3 trials of these experimental COVID treatments, authorized for emergency use only.

Based on the press release with Michael Gunner and authorities, I think it’s clear they are not really trying to hide their medical fascism…they have confirmed most of the happenings on the ground, in regards to the use of police and military in the lockdown and relocation of aboriginal communities, based on very little evidence.

Nuremberg Code

These governments, police, military, health officials and media…all are participating in war crimes that violate the Canadian bill of rights, the US constitution, medical acts, and the Nuremberg code, which was established by the international community (see below). I’m not really sure how they expect to get away with their war crimes because this video below demonstrates their fate.

More information here

Resources / References

Mush of the information, including most of the pictures for this article were derived from an article by TOTnews

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